About Us

PD provide full end to end supply chain management services, tailored to the unique needs and requirements of our customers and suppliers. We are flexible, dynamic, and constantly exploring new ways to improve our ‘in full, on time’ delivery commitment, providing excellent risk mitigation strategies in the challenging import supply model.

Our commitment to the closed circle economy sees us participating in many initiatives to drive sustainability in our industry, including utilisation of renewable resources, reduced carbon emissions, & post industrial waste recycling.

Hands Across The Water

Polymer Direct supports a range of local and national worthwhile community activities, as well as an ongoing commitment to Hands Across The Water.

Hands Across the Water is an Australian charity that provides assistance for at-risk Thai children and their communities.

Thailand is a key trading partner of PD and our support for Hands has brought to this relationship a rewarding and fulfilling aspect of our social responsibility program.

Learn more about HandsĀ  http://www.handsacrossthewater.org.au/